What is Life & Relationship Coaching?

Coaching originated in a sports context and the concept has successfully crossed over to other areas; personal life, relationships and health, where broadly similar approaches have proven to be extremely effective in supporting the achievement of positive and lasting change for those who wish to enhance various areas of their lives.

How Does Life Coaching Help?

Coaching supports people in realising their goals and ambitions, resolving challenges and becoming more successful in life, love and all-round happiness and does so by assisting in keeping focus and providing support. I’ll deeply listen, allow you space to share all your challenges and troubles, your dreams and your wishes. I’ll also support and guide you in a series of conversations which:

  • Clarify the areas in which you wish to improve your life
    • Emotional wellbeing
    • Relationships
    • Career and Finance
    •  Health and Fitness
  • Help you assess with clarity what improvements in life you wish for.
  • Support the setting of challenging yet achievable targets.
  • Question and dissolve self limiting beliefs, the beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving your version of a successful and happy life.
  • Enable you to gain insight into learned behaviours or habits that negatively impact on your potential for progress
  • Determine the actions required to achieve goals – creating a clear pathway to success.
  • Help you develop positive neural pathways that lead you in the right direction and support you in remaining committed to your goals so that momentum continues and that you feel motivated and confident.

Coaching ensures that a positive approach to moving from your current status to desired status is maintained. It cuts through limiting habits and self-limiting beliefs that have accumulated over time; questioning the approaches taken so far and pointing towards more effective ways to proceed. Through coaching I will empower you to think objectively, creatively and to fine tune your problem-solving techniques whatever challenges arise.

Common Questions

What’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy?

Coaching shares a broad approach and has some similarities with therapy however there are significant differences.

Therapy helps people who are suffering from significant psychological symptoms. In therapy the focus is on understanding past experiences, attempting to move away from pain by understanding its causes and looking at old wounds from the current time. Therapy is often undertaken on a weekly basis and can last several months to years.

Coaching helps you look and move forward, defining clear life enhancing goals and focusing on supporting you to move in the right direction with a positive mindset. Coaching often involves a few weekly sessions to start, or to achieve specific goals, with many of my clients choosing to have infrequent top up sessions to assess progress, deal with changed circumstances and further enhance their lives.

Unlike most therapy, coaching works through supporting the development of newly learned skills and behaviours. Being in therapy or suffering from depression and anxiety, does not preclude someone from benefitting from coaching, especially as I have considerable experience in supporting people with these conditions. Therapy and coaching can work brilliantly together, supporting individuals in both dealing with past traumas and moving forward in tandem.

Why choose me as your coach.

I’ve weathered many of the storms of life that people endure and I’ve been actively seeking out the best techniques and modalities of support and growth for many years. In doing so, not only have I gained incredible support for my own journey but also have gained the skills and experiential knowledge and expertise to assist others as well. My life has been positively transformed and my life’s passion is to now help others transform their lives as well.

Life long learning is something I aspire to. I initially trained with the Irish Institute of Neuro Linguistic Programming to the level of Master Practitioner and Life and Business Coach over 10 years ago and subsequently gained a Diploma in Mind Coaching from the International Association of Mind Coaches. In the last several years I have embarked upon a programme of intense training in a variety of personal development and life enhancing/healing modalities, working with people who are considered at the top of their respective fields of work.

These trainings include Non Violent Communication, the Therapeutic use of Mindfulness with the Irish Mindfulness Academy, Wheel of Consent (Consent and Boundary training) and facilitator training with Dr. Betty Martin, creator of the Wheel of Consent, Expand the Box and Possibility Lab training with Clinton Callaghan, Design Human Engineering with Richard Bandler; co-creator of NLP, Radical Honesty Training with Brad Blanton, Somatic Counselling with Deej Juventin and Mental Health First Aid training. I now possess a large library of coaching tools that support a more mature, confident and centred approach to processing emotions, coping with life’s challenges, and becoming more resilient and effective in life and relationships.

I have integrated all the knowledge, skills and expertise I’ve gained so that I can offer support and guidance to individuals and couples – allowing unique approaches for each individual case.
The modalities I use are complimentary, integrating my presence, skills, maturity, expertise and experience to guide and support others in finding the solutions to life challenges that work best for them and their particular circumstances. One size does not fit all and I am equipped to offer a bespoke service to individuals and couples to find the best solutions for positive and permanent growth.

How does the process work?

Within the coaching process we shall create an effective relationship which allows space and time to become clear on your dreams and wishes and which fully supports you in setting a defined structure to accomplish those goals. We begin by being clear about purpose and intention. Areas that require analysis to allow transformation can include some or all of these elements:

  • Clarity of goals
  • Number, type and complexity of perceived obstacles including limiting beliefs
  • Awareness of personal and outside resources available to support change
  • Awareness of strategies to support achievement of goals
  • Motivation to succeed

All of these elements are reviewed in detail and I’ll use a variety of NLP based coaching tools and techniques along with useful elements from other modalities which will motivate and inspire you to understand how effective and successful you can be. You will feel supported, positively challenged and ultimately enthused and inspired to achieve your desired outcomes.

To achieve best results initial sessions are generally 90 minutes, with further sessions 60 or 90 minutes as required on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, either in person or via zoom.

I am available for appointments in West Cork and via Zoom