What is Business Coaching?

Business Coaching has become an integral component in the managerial development toolkit of all major organisations committed to developing highly effective performers and to support Senior Executives in achieving optimum performance in their careers.

Business Coaching – What it is and how it works

Coaching enables people to improve their performance within their role by keeping them focused on objectives and providing appropriate support to ensure achievement of those objectives. The coach supports and challenges the individual in a series of focused conversations which:

  • Clarify the challenges being faced
  • Help analyse growth opportunities
  • Support the setting of challenging yet achievable targets
  • Question the client’s self-limiting beliefs
  • Enable the client to gain insight into learned behaviours or habits which negatively impact on their potential for progress
  • Determine the action required to achieve goals
  • Ensure there is commitment to timely reviews so that momentum continues and motivation levels remain high

Coaching ensures that a disciplined approach to moving from current status to desired performance levels is maintained. It cuts through limiting habits and self-limiting beliefs that have accumulated over time; questioning the approaches taken so far and pointing towards more effective ways to proceed. Coaching empowers clients to think objectively, creatively and to fine tune their problem-solving techniques whatever challenges arise. Coaching key employees is the most effective means of enhancing their skill sets, ensuring positive attitudes and engendering a results focused approach.

Unlike standard business training, coaching works because it supports newly learned skills or behaviours through regular meetings where the focus on key learning is maintained. An effective coaching programme will provide the opportunity to improve the performance of managers and additionally, to retain your best people by investing in them, developing their capacity and improving their career prospects within the organisation.

Why choose me as your business coach

As an NLP Coach (neuro-linguistic programming), I am trained to appraise a client’s approach to their role and their perceived obstacles to excelling at that role. The NLP coach uses precise language techniques to assist the client to analyse their work behaviour and habits and to develop the plan that will enable them to achieve goals and objectives. I’m a qualified Master Practitioner in NLP and have been a Business and Life Coach for fifteen years, accredited by the Irish Institute of NLP. In addition, I hold a Diploma in Mind Coaching from the International Association of Mind Coaches.

I’ve been a manager within the insurance industry for over 20 years with experience in both direct and broker channels, including holding the positions of Head of Client Services, Operation Manager, Area Manager and Call Centre Manager. I have worked on, and led the development of, major business critical projects in each of these roles.

I have a very solid understanding of the business environment that exists in the financial services sector due to my experience in managing people and business relationships at a high level. Additional qualifications include a Diploma in Business Studies (HR) from the National College of Ireland and a Certificate in Training Design and Development from the Irish Institute of Training and Development.

My approach to business coaching is holistic and focuses on the whole person. To this end I have recently trained in a number of modalities that can be of enormous benefit to increasing employee morale and workplace wellbeing. These include Mindfulness, Consent and Boundaries, Non-Violent Communication, Somatic Counselling and Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace.

How does the process work?

The key objectives of the coaching process are to create an effective relationship which allows full evaluation of a client’s key goals and to fully support the client in setting a defined structure to accomplish those goals. We begin by being clear about purpose and intention. Areas that require analysis to allow transformation to peak performance can include some or all of these key elements:

  • Clarity of goals
  • Number, type and complexity of perceived obstacles
  • Awareness of resources available to support change
  • Awareness of strategies to support achievement of goals
  • Motivation to succeed

All of these elements are reviewed in detail and using a variety of NLP-based coaching tools and techniques which motivate and inspire clients to understand how effective they can be. The client, in assessing their performance, will feel supported, positively challenged and ultimately enthused to perform at peak levels.

Please contact me to define requirements and discuss costs.