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Life & Relationship Coaching
Consent & Boundary Education

With over 25 years experience as a coach, trainer and business manager, I provide COACHING AND TRAINING services to support people both personally and professionally. 
Do you need support in overcoming PERSONAL CHALLENGES, negative self beliefs or in enhancing your relationships? 
Do you need assistance in planning your NEXT CAREER MOVE, dealing with challenges in the workplace or transitioning from one role to another? 
Do you work in an environment with vulnerable people and want training on how to incorporate an ETHOS OF CONSENT into your workplace or simply need to work on defining your own PERSONAL BOUNDARIES?
Are you in business and are looking for PROFESSIONAL COACHING support for you or your staff?
This is what I excel at.


I support people in improving their relationships with themselves and with others,  I will offer guidance on how to overcome personal life challenges and develop new levels of self awareness, confidence and happiness. With a wealth of knowledge, experience and tools gained over many years of practice, I can assist you on your journey towards living a more empowered life with happier, healthier relationships.


With over 20 years experience in Business Coaching, Training and Management, I have a wealth of knowledge, skill, insight and experience to support you and your organisation. I’ll confidently ask the key questions to elicit the right answers and ultimately, the solutions that are necessary to make real change possible.
Coaching at Executive level I’m extensively experienced in supporting people who wish to develop personal strategies to achieve focused commitment to positive change in both their professional and personal lives. An expert at sowing seeds for positive transformation, I’m here to support – connect to start the conversation.


Maintaining healthy boundaries and being consent aware are cornerstones of successful relating. Training in this area will expand your  communication skills and increase your confidence in all types of relationship, personal and professional. I provide trainings and one to one sessions focused on defining personal and professional boundaries and increasing consent awareness for young adults, parents, therapists, teachers, interest groups and the general public. I am the founder of Consent Matters Ireland.